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Happy Life Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Happy Life Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Never place the key of your happiness into a pocket of another.Happiness temporarily escapes into the wilderness sometimes, but it returns to fill your soul.The inner soul indulges in your true happiness. Feed it.Don’t analyze happiness. Let it flow without analyzing the rationality of it.Most people chose to be certain that they are in a miserable state, rather than leaping into the risk of being happy.A way to spark of your soul journey into happiness is sparking light into another’s happiness.We should quit trying to be happy, we missing out on the good times!Happiness sparks off once one has mind settled but then sparks all over in random spurts.Not many wish to share in your misery, but all indulge in your happiness.Happiness cannot be commanded from a life program, just delete unhappy brands blocking access paths.Laughing without cause are passionate expressions of true happiness.Tune into happiness with that life song on happy melodie…

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